Information in English

You as a parent in Botkyrka can apply for elementary school for your child in january/february. You apply via e-service here on the web during this time.

You can apply for a change of schools throughout the year or apply for a placement in a school if you recently moved to Botkyrka. You can apply for both public and private schools.

Do I have to apply for a school?

You should do an active choice of school if:

  • you want your child to go to pre-class. He or she will during the year turn 6 years old
  • your child is going to begin first grade and has not attended pre-class
  • your child already go to a school in Botkyrka but has to change school in order to continue elementary school

Even if your child today goes to a public preschool close to an elementary school you have to be active to apply for a school. No child is automatically placed in a school.

Apply for schools here on the web

Log in to the e-service to apply through the link below, the easiest way to log in is via electronic identification. Please contact your bank for more information.

Apply for elementary school herelänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster

When you log in to the e-service you specify three alternatives of schools. At the same time you can apply for mother tongue language and day care.

More information?

Do you need personal service please call the contact centre on 08-530 610 00 or visit our municipality offices in Alby Centre, Hallunda Centre, Tumba Centre, Tullinge Centre and Fittja Centre.

FAQ in English

If you speak English and have questions about how your applying elementary school in “Skolvalet 2017”, please download the printed matter to the right.​

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