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Botkyrka Church

The oldest parts are from the 12th century. It was raised as a memorial after Saint Botvid who past away in the 1120’s. The original church was made of wood and was built around the year 1129 by Botvid’s brother, Bjorn. The later stone church was erected in 1176. One of the significant aspects of Botkyrka Church is ‘The Botkyrka monument’. It was formed as a church and was made of stone. It had also written inscriptions in the memory of Bjorn, both in the Latin alphabet and the Rune alphabet. The memorial is dated in the year 1150. The church went through some major alterations in the 14th and 15th Centuries. The most obvious of the internal decorations was an old altarpiece from 1525 made by Jan De Molden, an artist from Holland. In it Christ’s life is portrayed in sculptures and paintings. Some impressive funeral weapons are still hanging on the walls of the church. There are also 4 rune stones built into the wall of the church. One of the rune stones can be seen from the outside. It is located in the northern wall, just west of the sacristy.

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