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During the Bronze Age, the mountain ridge where Eriksberg lies today was filled with many graves. Many of them were removed but some remain even today, amongst them the biggest. It is situated in the western part of the ridge and is 23m long. We can still see remains of the farms and villages that existed in the Iron Age and in the middle Ages. Hammarby is one of the farms. During the early middle age it was a vicarage. The vicar that lived there worked a few hundred meters away in Botkyrka church, a church that was built in the end of the 12th century. The church became a place to where people pilgrimage to honour the great S:t Botvid. Around the church, buildings grew up that had connections with its work. Across the road lays the house where the sexton lived. It is now the Parish house. Just east of that house was the former house for the poor. It took care of old workers from Tumba Bruk. It was also financed by Tumba Bruk. It was a poorhouse until 1911 but now, it has become a school. A bit further east lies the oldest school in Botkyrka. It was founded in 1849 and is still a school today.

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