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Graves from the Bronze Age are found both north and south of Elvesta on the small mountain ridges. They are indications that people lived in Elvesta in those days. Traces of them are more obvious during the Iron Age. In the older Iron Age two ancient castles are built, probably around 500 A.D. From the younger Iron Age several grave fields can be seen on the slopes of the ridges. There are also remains of a middle age village known as Nibble in Elvesta. During the 17th century, Elvesta becomes a manor. It originally had four wings but two were taken down during 1917 and were later rebuilt alongside the main building. The main building is a one-storey house, were as the wings are of just one floor. The building was built in the beginning of 18th century but the foundations were laid much before. They come from about 1630’s. There are many characteristics of the time in the house. Its hipped roof and its courtyard being surrounded by the wings are two examples given here. There is also a park behind the house. A later adornment is the colonnades at the entrance of the house. Now, it is privately owned.

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