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Fittja was the centre of Botkyrka from the time of the new road in the 1660’s until the railroad came to Tumba 200 years later. Some buildings, like Fittja Gard, still exist from that period. The name Fittja comes originally from an Icelandic word that means something like waterlogged meadow. When the new road was built Fittja changed. A post office, a restaurant and fresh horses for the wagons was supplied. The district courthouse was also placed there. Fittja became the natural first stop for people travelling south from the capital. Fittja also had a very good brick work that supplied the capital with bricks when its population was growing. The brick work was situated near the OBS-store. The building known as Fittja Gard was built in 1812 and today Mångkulturellt centre is placed directly opposite it. The earlier Fittja Gard, built about 1750, lies closer to the water and is known as “Ängsbyggningen. It is an apartment today.

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