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Näs village

Näs village is a clustered village. A clustered village is built with the cottages situated farthest in, with barnyards and stables on the outside. The village is surrounded by meadow, fields and enclosed pastures. In Botkyrka these kinds of villages are rare because they were mostly shattered either when the Säteri started to form in the 17th century or later when the king had decided to shift the land. Several grave fields from the Iron Age lie close to the village indicating that there had been a farm in the neighbourhood during that time. The name Näs probably derives from a small spit (a long narrow piece of land that sticks out into the sea) which lies close by to it. In the year 1718, king Karl XII died. From then, the Russians saw a chance to ravage the land. In June, the summer of 1719, they attacked unexpectedly. Näs was just one of the many farms that were burnt to the ground. Together with the houses, the harvest too went up in smoke. Today most of the houses are rebuilt. Most of the cottages were built somewhere in the 18th century. The village as a whole gives the visitor a chance to see how villages were formed in those days.

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