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There lie several gravefields around Snäckstavik that shows that many people lived here during the younger Iron Age. The most interesting of these lie close to the riding-school of Snäckstavik. It contains a grave formed as a triangle with curved sides. That is a rare shape and it is well preserved. The first written records come from the end of the 13th century. A village called Brytesta was placed here in those times. The name is interesting. Bryte is an old word that meant about bailiff of the King. This probably means that during the Middle Age Brytesta was a place of importance. Later in the Middle Ages it changed name to Brötsta. In the year 1642 the Noble man Johan Adler Salvius got the right to start a Manor here. He chose to place it a little bit away from the already existing village and named it Snäcksta Manor. His heir decided to change the name of the village too. Brötsta became Snäckstavik. In the beginning if the 18th century Snäcksta Manor was bought by Marieberg and the Manor deserted. The main building today was built 1875 and was intended as an administration building for Snäckstavik. The house was built in the style of the late empire style of building. Three cottages remain that once belonged to Snäckstavik. The oldest is from the 18th century and is a very well kept cottage called Harlöt. The other two are named Vikenstorp and Vikare

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