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Sturehov is the only part of northern Botkyrka where the 21st century seems far away. The castle of Sturehov and its surroundings are still intact reminding us how the countryside could have looked 200 years ago. During the middle ages there was a little village called Averhulta. It was owned by powerful people. During the 1680’s it was turned into a Sateri (something close to a Manor) and with that it changes its name to Sturehov. The two wings were of that time but the main building was rebuilt in the 1786 by Johan Liljencrantz, a wealthy nobleman. The internal decoration is still well kept from that time; especially the tiled stoves are famous for their paintings. The buildings and its surrounding areas like the two parks and the road network still look the same like it 200 years. Along the road lie several old cottages that are now used as summer residences.

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