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Tullinge lies on the eastern shore of Lake Tullinge. There are no traces from the Bronze Age left that can be seen but the biggest deposit findings in Botkyrka was found here. A deposited finding is things that have been buried to be hidden or sacrificed. The findings consisted of a sickle, two axes and some trinkets; all made out of bronze. In the Iron age two well kept hill-forts were built during its early stage. Especially Skansberget is impressive and is the best kept hill-fort in all of Botkyrka. From the younger Iron Age several grave fields have been found. It is probably during this period that Tullinge starts the transformation from a single farm to a village. Many hundred years later, in the 1630’s, Tullinge becomes a Manor. The noble Johan Adler Salvius built a Manor house. It was burned in a fire during the 19th century and wasn’t rebuilt. One of the wings survived and is still standing though it has gone through some changes during the years. The oldest house in Tullinge is a simple cottage. It is named Trädgårdstorp and was built about 1650 and has remained unchanged since then. Most of what today is known as Tullinge consists of villas in different sizes. The oldest was built around the year 1900.

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