Vattenläcka på Katrinebergsvägen i Tullinge
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Uttran is a residential district covered with villas from the beginning of the 20th century. The villas are often interesting from a cultural historic point of view. They are architecturally well adjusted to their surroundings. The ground that Uttran is built on was previously owned by Malmsjö but when Josef Engwall bought Malmsjö in 1906 he carved out an area close to Lake Uttran and Lake Utterkalven and started to interest people in building villas there. The villas have certain common traits. The roofs are mostly some kind of mansard roof where the fall of the roof is broken. The architectural style is jugend and it can be seen not only in the roofs but also on the windows which are often barred. That means that a window is parted into many small sections by metal bars. It was the usual way of decorating a window in the first two decenniums of this century. Some houses stands out a little. There is a villa that has a tower on the house. It is built 1910. Another example is a red painted villa made of wood that that stands close to Lake Utterkalven. It is the only house that is ranked as indispensable in an inventory that a house antiquarian made 1972. It is formed like a cross with verandas in a style that can be called jugendbarock. Before the villas were built there were just a few cottages here. One of these is still around, the cottage Lilla Lavreten. It was probably built in the 18th century. There is also a big runestone close to Uttrans hospital that shows that people lived here before they started to build the villas that dominate the area today.

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