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Rock carvings

A rock carving is a flat rock where figures portraying ships, animals, humans and other things are carved on stone. It is a phenomenon that can be dated to the bronze age (1800 B.C. – 500 B.C.). They probably give us the best glimpse of what man believed in during those times. Scientists think that figures like the circle and the wagon reflects a belief linked to the sun or the moon. The figures that are portraying humans and animals are possible gods or holy men/women doing some kind of rite. The rock carvings are almost always placed close to the waterline of that time. In the area around Stockholm rock carvings are rather uncommon. The biggest lie in Slagsta and it contains 17 ships, 3 animals one human figure and one footprint. On the west coast of Sweden many big sites for rock carvings have been found.

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