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Rune Stones

A rune stone is a risen stone with a message written in the rune alphabet. They were usually from the 10th and 11th century but earlier stones existed too. The rune letters are most often written in patterns where snakes and dragons are important and significant symbols. Other pictures from Norse mythology may occur. The most usual function of a rune stone was the one of remembrance. The person they wanted to be remembered was a relative, most often a husband, brother or son. Sometimes it is mentioned how and where the person died. The late rune stones (the ones written in the 11th century) often ends with some plea for his immortal soul. In the 11th century, to carve rune stones became a profession we know the name of many carvers because of their signatures on the stones. Long before people started to use rune stones the rune alphabet existed. The scientists think it was created around 100 AD. It was called the “futhark” because of the 6 first letters in the alphabet.

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