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Saint Botvid

Botvid was a saint that lived in the early 12th century. He grew up at his parents farm Hammarby in Botkyrka. He became influential among the lower classes. During his time many who were still not christened became members of the Christian faith. All this took place sometime during the 1120,s. After his death his brother Bjorn raised a church close to the family home in 1128 and called it the Botwidiia kirkia. During the centuries the name was simplified to Botkyrka. Botvid became a martyr and a saint; his church a place became a place where people went to for a pilgrimage to pray by the relics of the dead saint. He lived almost 900 years ago but we know unusually much of his life for a man of that time. We know the names of his parents, where they lived and so on. The stories that remain of him are all very practical in nature. There is not so much praying and seeing things but more of healing the sick, fishing and agriculture. Botvids two attributes are the fish and the axe. The fish is an allusion to a miracle when he filled some fishermen’s net by praying. The axe is an allusion to his death. He was killed with an axe by a former slave that he had released. In the Botkyrka municipality weapon you can see him holding a fish in his left hand and an axe in his right.

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