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Kreativa Fonden-In English

Do you have an idea which could make Botkyrka a smarter, greener, more beautiful or simply a more fun place? Take this opportunity to apply for money from Kreativa fonden to realize that idea!

You can apply for funding for projects in such various fields as culture, education, environment, food, health and more. All projects must take place in Botkyrka and involve residents of Botkyrka.

Kreativa fonden welcomes both individuals and organizations in and outside Botkyrka as applicants. To apply, you have to be 18 years or older. For those younger than 18, the grant Drömdeg is available, see the link in the right hand column.

Submit your application via E-service - Kreativa fonden in englishlänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster where you briefly describe yourself / your organization and your project idea.

The maximum amount you can apply for per project is 75 000.

The fund is open all year round for all applications, though there will be four application rounds for any sums above SEK 10,000. Those application deadlines are the following:

  • Round 1: Deadline March 5th , decision March 30th
  • Round 2: Deadline May 28th decision June 18th
  • Round 3: Deadline September 3, September 28th,
  • Round 4: Deadline November 5th, decision November 23th

For applications of SEK 5000 or SEK 10 000, you can expect a decision via e-mail within three - four weeks. Exceptions apply to applications received between June and August, the response time for those will be slightly longer and notification is not provided at all during the month of July.

Also do not forget to visit Kreativa fonden’s Facebook pagelänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster for the latest news and tips!

Need help with your idea and application?

Do you want to present your idea and get some help developing it or to fill out your application? Please contact the project manager of Kreativa fonden!

Send an email with your questions to Do not forget to write your contact information. The project manager will contact you as soon as possible.

If you do not have email access, you can also call the project manager. You'll find up to date phone numbers in the right hand column of this page.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Kreativa fonden (The Creative Fund). If you cannot find the answer to your question in the text below, please contact the fund's project manager.

What is Kreativa fonden?

  • Botkyrka started Kreativa fonden in 2013 with the aim to reach and support creative individuals and organizations with ideas to develop Botkyrka in different ways. The fund is also meant to make the municipal organization better at meeting, garnering and stimulating the creative power of Botkyrka.
  • The fund invites applications each year for creative projects in Botkyrka.
  • Both individuals and organizations from in and outside of Botkyrka can apply. Among organizations, non-profit associations are prioritized, but other organizations can also apply.
  • Individuals applying must be 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18, you can instead apply for Drömdeg
  • A person or organization can apply with more than one project.
  • Authorities or public agencies can not apply for funding. Botkyrka Municipality's own departments cannot apply for money from the fund. They may, however, be included as partners in the applications of other applicants.​​​

For what kind of projects can I get funding?

  • You can apply for funding for project ideas in all areas of activity, such as culture, education, recreation and sports, nature, environment, food, entrepreneurship, health et cetera.
  • Your project has to take place in Botkyrka and involve residents of Botkyrka. If you have a larger project which is also planned to take place in other places than in Botkyrka, the municipality will target its funding toward the part of the project which is set to take place in Botkyrka.
  • Projects aimed at testing new ideas, conduct activities in new ways, with new target groups or partners in Botkyrka will be prioritized. In your application, you will be asked to describe the ways in which your project idea is new and creative.

For how much money can I apply?

  • For 2016 a total of SEK 500 000 is available through the fund.
  • You can apply for the following fixed amounts per project: 5000, 10 000, 25 000, 50 000 or 75 000. Applications for SEK 10 000 or less, are processed faster and continuously.
  • You can apply for several different projects.

How do I apply?

  • You apply via E-service - Kreativa fonden in englishlänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster If for some reason you are unable to apply online, please contact the fund’s project manager.
  • Your application should briefly describe yourself or your organization, your project, the intended participants of the project, any potential partners, as well as how you intend to communicate your project.
  • You will receive a confirmation once your application is completed.

When is the application deadline and how do I get an answer?

After you submit your application it will be registered and the process will include a number of steps. We will review your application and contact you if we need to request additional information

The fund is open all year round for all applications, though there will be four application rounds for any sums above SEK 10,000. Those application deadlines are the following:

  • Round 1: Deadline February 21, decision March 15th
  • Round 2: Deadline April 11th decision May 5th
  • Round 3: Deadline September 4, Dec. 22, September
  • Round 4: Deadline October 27, decision November 17th

Can I get help developing my idea and filling out the application?

  • Yes, you can contact the fund's project manager for help, to discuss your idea and application. You can get help via email, over the phone or through a personal meeting. If necessary, the fund's project manager can also decide that you get to meet with an appointed idea coach.

What happens once I have applied, who decides?

  • Your application is reviewed by the fund's project manager together with other officials from Botkyrka municipality.
  • You might be contacted via email, by phone or for an appointment if the municipality would like more information about you, your organization or project.
  • Application denials are not submitted via e-mail or telephone.
    The municipality will not provide motivations for its decisions.
  • Funding decisions are made by the managing group of Kreativa Botkyrka. The group consists of municipal administration managers, and the CEO of Upplev Botkyrka AB.

What happens if I receive funding?

  • The funds will be paid out in lump sum to an account belonging to you or your organization.
  • You must start and complete your project within 6 months of the date you received the funds.
  • Your project must clearly indicate that it has received funding from Kreativa fonden.
  • You must report your project within 1 month of the projects completion. Your presentation should consist of a description of how you have communicated the project, what activities you have carried out and where they have taken place, who has participated, as well as your experiences from the project. You must also provide photographs and preferably also video documenting the project.

Will others be able to see my application?

  • Yes, if someone asks to look at the applications you have submitted, the municipality is obliged to disclose them in accordance with what is called offentlighetsprincipen (the principle of public access to official records). All documents registered with the municipality are considered public documents.

Do I have to pay taxes on the money I receive?

  • No, normally individuals or organizations are not required to pay tax on a project grant from the municipality. This is as long as the money is used to carry out the project and not any other costs or private consumption. Botkyrka municipality is however not responsible for any issues regarding taxes, the responsibility for that rests solely with the recipient under the current VAT-regulation. If you have any questions or are unsure about what to do – please ask the Tax Agency directly by phone: 0771-567 567.

Can I be required to reimburse the money?

  • Yes, but only if you do not do your utmost to implement, or report on your project in accordance with your application.

How does the cooperation with the company Mitt Alby work?

  • Botkyrka aims to also involve external partners in contributing to the Fund, with the purpose that more players contribute to the development of Botkyrka as a creative place. The company Mitt Alby has participated as co-sponsor of Kreativa Fonden since 2013, and makes an important contribution to the fund.
  • Mitt Alby’s CEO Mattias Tegefjord left the following motivation for their contribution to the fund:

"Mitt Alby has chosen to participate as co-sponsors of Kreativa Fonden to promote a positive social development in the municipality where inspiring and innovative ideas and innovations can develop and be realized. Mitt Alby is a community-oriented company and sees a collaboration with Kreativa Fonden as part of our long-standing work to promote social commitment and innovation."

  • Mitt Alby does not take part in the work of the Fund, either in the assessment of applications or decisions on the allocation of funds. Mitt Alby’s participation does not entail that a special portion of funds will be allocated to applications made by organizations or residents from Alby, or to activities specificaly located in Alby.

Is there more information about Kreativa Fonden?

  • Please follow Kreativa Fonden on Facebooklänk till annan webbplats, öppnas i nytt fönster, where you can read about past projects and learn about other projects, grants and much more If you have other questions, you can e-mail or call the fund’s project manager.

Kreativa fonden is powered by Botkyrka municipality in cooperation with Mitt Alby.


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