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Gustav de Laval

Gustav de Laval (1845-1913) was a man that lived as if there were no tomorrow. He was a very religious man and had a deep conviction that he somehow was chosen to make Sweden better. He was a visionary. According to him it is he that shall change Sweden; the money is someone else’s business. De Laval comes with brilliant ideas, promises and forgets. His most usual answer when someone asks him about money is: “That will take care of itself. I shall only finish my invention”. The two basic principles that most of his inventions are based on are speed and the centrifugal force. In December of 1877 he presents the Milk Separator for Oskar Lamm who gives him money to develop the machine. In 1883 they start the company AB Separator together. In the same year he presents his second big selling success, the rotating steam turbine. Three years later Lamm gets tired of financing everything and pull out of Separator. De Laval manages to find a new partner and in 1894 they buy Hamra gård and use it as a tryout place for new models of milk separators and also to create a good farm. They buy cows of good stock. His inventions are a success with the people but the people that have lent him money are not so happy. 1913 he gets cancer and dies. He is buried in the North cemetery. On his gravestone it is written “de höga hastigheternas man” (about “the man of the high velocities” in english). The visionary left after him a world company to be (Alfa Laval/De Laval), 100 brilliant ideas and 5 millions in debts.

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