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Parts of the Alby we see today lie on a mountain and rises early from the sea. Alby was a part of the archipelagic landscape that characterized these parts of Sweden during the Stone Age. A stone coffin from late Stone Age dated to 1800 BC, was found on a little hill outside Alby. That is a very rare finding for this part of Sweden. There are also some grave fields from the Iron Age. One of them lies along Storskiftesvägen. A couple of hundred years later the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, was founded. From Stockholm went a road, Göta landsväg, which passed through Alby on its way to the southern parts of Sweden. Parts of it can still be seen. The first mansion was built during the 17th century. It does not stand there anymore. The mansion that can be seen today was built around 1809 but its appearance changed during the 1890,s when L.M. Ericsson owned Alby. He added a little tower, a colonnade and a portal. Ericsson was the founder of the Ericsson concern and he lived in Alby until 1916.

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