Problem med vattenförsörjning i Tullingeberg
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During the Bronze Age (1800 b.c – 500 b.c) Hallunda was a centre. It was both a big site where people lived and manufactured a lot of different tools and weapons in bronze. The production was so big that they had probably sold a large part of it. Signs show that the site had been visited by people from Finland Estonia and other parts of Sweden. Another thing that shows Hallunda’s importance during the Bronze Age is the great big stone pile that is 35 m long. That is one of the biggest graves from the Bronze Age in this part of the country. The grave fields from the Iron Age are big, the greatest containing 157 graves. The recent mansion “Hallunda Gard” was built around 1750. According to history the murder of the Swedish King, King Gustaf III, was conspired here during Christmas 1791. Today it is one of the few mansions in Botkyrka that are owned privately.

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