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On a hill at the south eastern shore of Lake Malmsjön lies Korsnäs. The landscape during the older Stone Age was of the archipelagic type. There were lots of islands of different sizes surrounded by the sea. During this time the biggest site where people lived was on the northern shore of Lake Malmsjön close to Sjövreten. In the younger Stone Age the biggest site was situated at Korsnäs. Rich and also very rare findings have been made there. The best example is a little figure made out of bone or horn that is the oldest visualized picture of a human being that have been found in Sweden. The figure was made around 2500 B.C. Korsnäs significance started to decline in the following periods. A few graves from the Iron Age are all that have been found afterwards. It is not until the early 17th century that we know of a little cottage. It was called Kolsnäs because they used too make charcoal stacks on the hill. In the year 1905 it was bought and the little cottage became a part of a much larger building. The name changed from Kolsnäs to Korsnäs and the building became known as Korsnäs gård. Today it is owned by the Hare Krishna movement that has its centre here.

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