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Lindhov’s charasteristics are its landscapes. The roads between the small cottages where the crofters lived 200 years back are still more or less unchanged. In the middle lies Lindhov’s Manor house. It is still impressive, though there have been many changes during the years. In the neighbourhood lies two graves from the Bronze Age and a very well kept grave field from the younger Iron Age. It is situated right opposite the Manor House. A similar but not as well kept grave field lies close to the cottage Gatmötet. Around the year 1670, a Manor was built. It was later rebuilt to fit the 18th century’s taste but the foundation is still from the 17th century. The way the main house and its two wings encloses a courtyard is typical of how the nobility lived in the 18th century. The hipped roof and the yellow colouring of the building too are of the 1800,s. From 1697 almost 200 years onwards, the site belonged to the district judge

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