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In the neighbourhood of Malmsjö there are many gravefields but only one that is really typical of the older Iron Age. It contains many different types of graves and is situated a little off from the houses that stand at Malmsjö today. During the younger Iron Age the gravefields are placed closer to the village of today. That means that the farms have been situated at the same place for a long time at Malmsjö. The first you read anything about the village it is called Malma. The year is 1383. The name Malma means gravel and derives from the fact that the village is placed upon a little boulder ridge which main component is gravel. The old village farmstead, which can not be seen anymore, was placed upon a little hill close to the little house Blåsut. In the year 1654 the family Rosenhielm was permitted to start a Manor here. The result of that was that a main building was built and the village was dissolved. It also changed name to Malmsjö. During the next century the house started to decay. For a while it was known as “the Ghost house”. In the year 1896 a new house was built. It was later bought by Prince Oscar Bernadotte who made some small changes. The house is built out of stone and has a beautiful hipped roof. The family Bernadotte family doesn’t own it anymore. It is privately owned.

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