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The area is dominated by two old buildings, the 12th century church of Grödinge and Mariebergs mansion from the early 18th century. Grödinge church is beautifully placed on a hill and Marieberg can be seen from there. Marieberg was called Mariad in the year 1349. Mariad became the last sateri in Botkyrka in the year 1703. Two years later, the Manor and its two wings were constructed. The place was renamed after the owner’s wife, Anne Marie Ehrenstrahl and now is known under the name Marieberg. She was an excellent painter. The Mansion that they had built for themselves was quite typical of the 18th century. There was a main building and two wings that enclosed a courtyard. All of the buildings were 27x12 m. The houses were timber jointed and painted yellow with a hipped roof made out of tiles. In the year 1883 a lamp exploded in the main building and it burned to the ground. Today the two wings remain and are very well kept. The same goes for the big park and the courtyard. With all of these things considered Marieberg must be seen as the best kept mansion in Grödinge. It is privately owned.

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