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Together with Korsnäs is Nolinge’s biggest known Stone Age centre around Stockholm. Many places with discoveries from the Stone Age, mostly the older part of the age, are found here. The sites are situated on the same ridge as the site Sjövreten but further east. Close to Nolinge you can also see a couple of grave fields from the younger Iron Age. One of them lies just east of the cottage Grindstugan and contains a Rune Stone apart from the 70 graves. The Rune Stone is unusual. It mentions the name of the person who carved the Runes which is rare. In the whole of Botkyrka, the Nolinge Rune Stone is the only one that mentions the carver’s name. It describes a man that died abroad, in Greece, and also lacks the customary wish that God shall take care of his soul. The first time that Nolinge was found in written sources was 1285 when King Magnus Barnlock gave it to the church. In the 1660’s Nolinge became a Manor during a short period. Then it belonged to the Riksten Manor. The house that stands there today and is known as Nolinge Gård was built in 1860. It was made out of wood from the beginning itself but parts of were rebuilt in stone. Around 1900’s the gables were added to the house. They were inspired by the Baroque, an architectural style popular at that time.

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