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The land around Riksten lies high in the landscape. In many places, there have been indications that people lived here in the older Stone Age. Humans have lived here for over 6000 years. Later, during the Iron Age, farms began to expand here. Signs of that are visible by the two grave fields that lie close to Riksten gård. Early in the 17th century riksten became a Manor. The owner was a man who worked under King Karl IX and then under his son, King Gustav II Adolf. His name was Gyllenax. The new owner didn’t like his house so he tore it down and built a new house in the 1660’s. That house was burnt to the ground in the year 1809. The house that stands there today was built in the year 1913. It was designed accordingly to the popular style of that time; the National Romantic style. It was built with the purpose that it should look older then it really was. A large part of the walls are covered with clinging plants. Many cottages were working under Riksten. Around the year 1900 they were 25 cottages that served under Riksten. Today most of the cottages are gone. They that remain are changed but you can still see some typical cottages from the 19th century. Close to Rikstens gård lie a small air field. It is now closed and a new suburb is being built there at the moment, Rikstens Friluftsstad. 2500 houses are going to stand there when the building is finished.

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