Problem med vattenförsörjning i Tullingeberg
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The two most important things in the area are the fortlet and Hörningsnäs gård. A fortlet was a stronghold where men, canons and other military things could be kept. The aim was to defend the city Södertälje from attack from the sea. The fortlet was built in the year 1623 and the person who wanted it was King Gustav II Adolf. It was called the Näs fortlet because it was situated on the southern tip of Näslandet. The reason he needed it was that there was some fear that King Sigismund of Poland should attack. The attack never came but when King Karl XII ascended the throne in 1697 it would soon be needed again. In the year 1700 “the great Nordic war” started. It lasted until 1721. The fortlet was repaired in 1710. In the year 1718 King Karl died and the year after the Russians attacked Sweden. The fortlet was empty and so was Södertälje not warned and was burnt to the ground. On the way back they also burnt many farms. The houses of Hörningsnäs were built in the 19th century. The houses are well kept and it gives an impression of how many houses it took to run a farm. The yellow main house and the red house with two porches built for the labourers are of special interest. The landscape with its many meadows is also of interest. Usually most of the meadows were transformed into fields but here is a more old-fashioned landscape in existence.

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