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The first time Vårsta is mentioned in written sources is in the year 1447. It was a little place and the ground belonged to the village Malma or Malmsjö as it later became known as. Vårsta became important when Grödinge municipality placed its official centre there in the 1950,s. Many stores followed and Vårsta took over from Rosenhill as the centre of Grödinge. When Grödinge and Botkyrka joined in 1971 it maintained its position as Grödinges centre. The two most interesting houses in Vårsta are Vårstavi and Vasastugan. Vårstavi was built in 1914 by the psychoterapeut and artist Paul Bjerre. It was his home and the place where he made a lot of his art. The park that belongs to the house has many of his statues in it. When Bjerre died in 1964 he donated the house with is contents to a foundation. They still own it. Vasastugan is perhaps Grödinges oldest house. It was built about 1660 and was originally situated in Svalsta. There it served as a vicarage for the priest that served in Grödinge church. 120 years later a new vicarage was built and then it became a retirement home for old priests. Now the house is moved to Vårsta. It stands just beside Vårstavi.

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