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Vretaberg lies just close to the south of Lake Uttran. There are many graves from the Iron Age in the neighbourhood but are not easy to distinguish by people who do not know much about them. Close to the house lies a grave field from the younger Iron Age. It was probably the farm grave field of the Iron Age settlement that existed there. Around the 1300’s the place was considered to be a village. It was called Vreten. A ‘vrete’ is an old word used for a little piece of ground that has been recently ploughed. According to a map from the year 1630 there were two farms in the village. In the 1670’s it was transformed into a Manor and the name was changed. Vreten disappeared and was replaced by the grander Vretaberg. A main building, the Manor house, and two wings were built. The buildings that stand there today are from the 18th century. In the year 1858 the main building caught fire and was burned down to the ground. It was never rebuilt. Instead they changed the eastern wing and it became the new main building. The western wing remains almost unchanged. In the year 1903 the eastern wing went through several changes to prove itself worthy of its new status as main building. The changes were made by the well-known architect Eric Lallerstedt. The architectural style that inspired the changes was called Jugend.

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