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Grödinge church

The Grödinge church is an old stone church from the 12th century. The oldest part is the south wall. During the 14th and 15th centuries many alterations were made. The church became longer, wider and higher, especially with the Gothic stellar vaults. It was the Gothic stellar vaults that carried the roof over the choir which was exceptionally grand. They were made in the end of the 15th century. Inside the church there are some big funeral weapons belonging to the families living in the manors close to the church. They were popular during the 17th century. The pulpit is old for the neighbourhood. It is from the year 1600 and made by a German carpenter named Casper. He lived in Stockholm at the time. Around the sides of the pulpit are engraved pictures from the life of Christ. Other items of interest are the Grödinge tapestry and the triumph crucifix. The tapestry is very special. It portrays fable animals and was made in the 15th century. The original is located at the historical museum in Stockholm and a good copy hangs in the church.

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