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The Håtuna Incident

The Håtuna incident takes place in the year 1306 and was the beginning of a long power struggle between Magnus Barnlock’s three sons Birger, Erik and Valdemar. When Magnus died in 1290 AD, Birger was the oldest son, still under age. But as soon as the youngest son, valdemar, was of age the conflicts started. The two young dukes, Erik and Valdemar, decide to risk a coup against their brother, the king. They sailed to Håtuna, where the king resided at the time, from Norsborg and threw the king and queen in jail. This coup was called and is still the Håtuna incident. Erik took control right after that but it didn’t go according to plan. War against Denmark became the result and in the end he had to let Birger go. Sweden was divided in three dukedoms for a while. Birger got his revenge in 1318 when he killed the others at a Christmas dinner. He threw them in a cellar hole and made them starve to death at a place called Nyköpings house, a big castle. The Swedes were furious with him and threw him out of the country. Then they elected Erik’s 3-year old son as their new king.

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