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Your Guide to the European Parliament election

The European Union (EU) consists of 27 member states. They collaborate on a number of issues which concern and affect us who live in the member countries.

The politicians in the EU determine certain laws and regulations which apply in all member states, which laws and regulations must apply in certain areas, how much money the countries in the EU must pay as a member of the union and what the money will be used for.

  • Close to half of all laws passed in Sweden is affected by the EU.
  • Half of all issues that municipalities and regions discuss are affected by the EU.
  • Security, environment, migration and economy are examples of areas which the countries of the EU work on together.

What is the EU election?

In the European Parliament election citizens of EU member states elect their representatives to the European Parliament, which is the worlds only directly elected parliament with members from different countries. The role of the members is to represent their constituents in their home countries and their interests. The European Parliament election gives us all a unique opportunity to decide together which path the European Union is going to take.

Who can vote?

Voting is a fundamental democratic right. In Sweden, Swedish and EU citizens who have turned 18 have the right to vote.

Why should you vote?

In the European Parliament election, the citizens of each EU country vote for which politicians they want to work in the EU Parliament in Brussels and thus represent them. In other words, the parties who tally the most votes in the European Parliament election, from those of us who participate and vote in Sweden, get to send the most politicians to the EU. So, vote for the party whose views are bet in align with your own.

You live in the EU – so it does concern you!

  • Who is allowed to study, live and work in Sweden and other EU countries
  • What you can purchase in stores – and indirectly what it costs.
  • If we are to be able to continue calling and browse freely within the EU.
  • If government agencies are to decide who can access private chats.
  • How long the rest should be between work shifts.

That, and much more, is largely decided in the EU.
You as a resident of Botkyrka, get to choose what happens in the EU - so make your voice heard!

Voting is your chance to help shape the future of European democracy, together with millions of other voters. By voting, you are a participant and:

  1. have say in legislation: The EU is the fourth level in our political system and does influence our lives as much as the municipality, the region or the Swedish Parliament does. By voting, you help choose who will represent your interests in the EU. Your vote influences new laws that are drawn up and that have a direct impact on your everyday life in Botkyrka and Sweden.
  1. address the global challenges: The EU deals with global issues which no single member state can solve on its own, for example, the climate crisis and international conflicts. By voting, you have the opportunity to contribute to solutions for these challenges.
  1. defending democracy: Democracy and the opportunity to vote is a right but also a collective responsibility. By participating in the election, you strengthen democracy and ensure that the EU Parliament is representative and strong.

Your vote in the European Parliament election has tremendous power. It's not only about electing representatives; it's about influencing the political decisions which will affect your life in Sweden. By participating in the election, you help uphold the principles of democracy and contribute to a stronger Sweden and Europe.

Vote and help form the Europe of the future!

Important dates for the European Parliament election 2024:

  • Vote in advance 22 May–8 June
  • The election day is June 9.

This is how you vote:

At there is information about how the voting in the European Parliament election is carried out. At the top right of their website, you can choose which language you want to access the information in.

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Want to know more?

read more about how the elections to the European Parliament works, where and when you can vote:
At the top right side of the page, you can choose your language.

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