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The Rhyme Chronicle of Eric

The Rhyme chronicle of Eric is the first productive work of poetry in the Swedish language. It also happens to be one of our major historical sources from its time. It is probably written at about 1330 AD. The story starts in the year 1245 and becomes richer and richer in detail as it progresses through time. Its focus lies on the political turbulence in the time of Magnus Barnlock’s three sons, Birger, Eric and Valdemar. Here is where the author is very partial. When Magnus died in the year 1290 Birger was crowned king. He is known as the villain and his brother Eric the hero who can do no wrong. Because of that the chronicle is called by his name. The story ends with Eric’s son becoming king after all three brothers died. The author is unknown but he probably met Eric and served under him. He got his inspiration from the continent. It was probably written as a gift for the new king, a custom that existed at the continent too. The chronicle he wrote became a pattern that was followed by many chronicles later on during the 15th century.

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