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The voyage of Ingvar

The voyage of Ingvar was a big Viking voyage eastwards. It ended in catastrophe and was much talked about. It happened during the middle-end of the 1030-ties and was the last big Viking voyage. The leader, Ingvar, died during the voyage. Ingvar was probably a relative of the king at that time. The fleet he commanded was about 30 ships big and they were going to “Gardarike” (Russia) and the city of “Konugard” (Kiev). There they helped the ruler of Kiev in some fights and then continued southwards. They went by the big river Dnepr to the Black sea and from there to the Caspian Sea by the smaller rivers Rioni and Kura. It is thought that it is somewhere here that the catastrophe occurs. The scientists believe that the cause was that they picked up some disease of some kind. Many rune stones in Sweden mention Ingvar and the men that died with him. There is also an Icelandic story that tells a lot of their travels. And there is historic chronicles from Kiev and Georgia that mention what way they travelled.

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